Name: Dave Barclay

Store: Limerick


Ø  What are your interests and hobbies:

I like all sorts really as I can never sit still. I run a Facebook page for Bulldogs and we meet up for picnics (Limerick British Bulldogs). I love watching most sports, especially if it’s Manchester united. I also make jewellery as a hobby, you check it out on Instagram here

Ø  Have you any hidden talent or unique skill:                                                   

Before I got into retail I was an entertainer, I would DJ, do magic and I was a street performer.

Ø  Why did you choose to work with Maxi Zoo:

I had already worked in the pet trade for 6 years before I started at Maxi Zoo Limerick. So I’ve worked with all sorts of animals and it seemed a great place to take my next step.

Ø  What is the most enjoyable aspect of what you do:

The customers, I find it a very sociable place to work as we have a lot of returning customers and you can build nice relationships with people.
When they arrive first time with their new bundles of fluff and continue to pop in store, it’s nice we get to see the puppies grow into adult dogs.

Ø  What is your greatest life or career achievement:

Becoming a dad is my greatest achievement. Although it’s the most difficult job I’ve had it is also the most rewarding.

Ø  What motivates you:

My family, making them happy and keeping them healthy.

Ø  When are you at your happiest/How do you like to switch off:

Being home with my little family or being creative.

Ø  What is your favourite Maxi Zoo memory:

We had a Bulldog picnic outside the front of the Maxi Zoo Limerick store a few months back. It was a great day as we had 30 dogs turn up.

Ø  Have you any pets? If so what breed and name:

We have a dog called Nelson. He is a British bulldog and he will be turning 6 in July. I had always wanted a bulldog and waited 2 years until we found him. You can check him out on Instagram here 

                 Ø Tell us the funniest thing your pets does:

He snores an awful lot and just his general personality. He is a very funny dog.

Ø  How does your pet make you laugh:

Just him being him, the faces he