Name: Kieran Mangan

Store: Midleton


  • What are your interests and hobbies:

I play Badminton and I’m the chairperson of Riverstown Badminton Club. I am a Huge Manchester United fan. I love my films and I have over 2000 DVDs in my collection.

I play Pitch & Putt and a very small bit of Golf.

  • Have you any hidden talent or unique skill:

I love to cook and I find it very relaxing (I might stress that I cannot bake, just cook). The more that come for dinner the better.

  • Do you volunteer with a charity and if so why that charity:

I do a lot of work with the charity DAWG based in Cork. I got my dog Robyn from them who also does volunteer work with me. They do thankless work and are really nice. There are so many dogs not treated well and all they want is a forever home.

  • Why did you choose to work with Maxi Zoo:

I was working in food retail all my life and I needed a new challenge and my wife saw the ad and put my CV in and it is one of the best things that happened to me. I really enjoy my job even though it has its challenges. During the course of the week you meet so many nice people and especially their pets.

  • What is the most enjoyable aspect of what you do:

I love talking to people about their pets and when you get to see their pets grow and become a part of a family. Especially if you have a family who are adopting a new pet. I offer advice and help. I love that interaction. This is when I’m at my happiest.

  • What is your greatest life or career achievement:

Being one of the first managers to run with the  Responsible Pet Ownership programme and over a two year period I spoke to well over two thousand children, I found that very rewarding.

I never went to college as I went straight from school to work but I did get a chance to go to college in my 40s, and I did a  Diploma in Food Retail Management which I passed with honours, but I found it very hard having not done anything academically in over 20 years.

  • What motivates you:

I hate to lose and I always strive to be the best, even when the kids were young. Even now I hate to lose (they stopped playing table tennis with me as I was too competitive)

  • When are you at your happiest/How do you like to switch off: 

Two years ago for the first time my wife Phyllis and myself brought Robyn to France with us on holidays and it was brilliant and the walks we took and the places we saw were just amazing and I am so happy and content staying in a cottage out in the French countryside and it is just so peaceful there.

I love on my days off just Robyn, my wife and myself just heading off for a walk and a chat.

I love going to the cinema with my wife, coke zero and maltesers (in that order).

  • Who has been the biggest influence on your life:

3 people have really influenced my Life, My mother Phil, my dad Paddy and a Christian Brother that taught me in 6th class Brother Highland. My mother gave me the gift of the gab and taught me the importance of being nice to people and sometimes just to have a few words with a stranger, you might never know how much that that might mean to them, My Father worked 2 jobs when we were young to give us the best start in life and I got my work ethic off him and also he has a great sense of humour and also as well as being my Dad he is one of my best friends. Brother Highland taught me the importance of playing sport, I was a very shy kid and he built up my confidence and taught me the importance of being part of a team.

  • What is your favourite Maxi Zoo memory:

I used to do Responsible Pet Ownership talks in the schools and it’s the reaction from the kids when I used to arrive in with my dog Keisha (who was another Lurcher) and I could have rabbits or hamsters and it is the reaction and the questions from the kids that will stay with me.

  • Have you any pets? If so what breed and name:

I have a dog called Robyn who is a Lurcher. All she wants out of life is to be rubbed and loved, and she gets plenty of that!

  • Tell us the funniest thing your pet does:

She loves to do yoga, she stretches out on the sofa and proceeds to stretch her legs up in the air and if you are around as she is doing this she loves to get her belly rubbed, pure bliss.

  • How does your pet make you laugh:

Robyn has her crazy moment every day were she just runs like a wild woman back and forth, up and down our back yard and then she runs in the back door, jumps up on the couch and it is time to rest, tough life.

  • Did you adopt your pet? Do you know his/her story:

Yes, we adopted Robyn over 2.5 years ago (January 2018) and all we know is that she was running around wild and she was in a bad condition. She came into the rescue center Christmas week which is where she got the name Robyn and we adopted her in January.