Name: Niamh Fogarty

Store: Mullingar


  • What are your interests and hobbies:

Athletics – I’m an international athlete at Throw Discus.

I enjoy listening to music and playing Golf occasionally.


  • Have you any hidden talent or unique skill:

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 1 minute.


  • Do you volunteer with a charity and if so why that charity:

Not currently, although I have volunteered at many events. Most recent was volunteering at the Papal visit in Phoenix Park.


  • Why did you choose to work with Maxi Zoo:

I love animals and was interested in expanding my knowledge.


  • What is the most enjoyable aspect of what you do:

Getting to meet everyone’s furry friends.


  • What is your greatest life or career achievement:

4th place finish at the European U23 Championships in Sweden in 2019. It was my first time to qualify for a championship final. I threw a personal best too.


  • What motivates you:

My long term goal is to participate in an Olympic Games.

The little wins along the way keep me going too.


  • When are you at your happiest/How do you like to switch off:

I’m happiest when I’m exercising. I also like to switch off by listening to music.


  • Who has been the biggest influence on your life:

My family and my coach. It’s true what they say about being influenced by those who you spend most of your time with.


  • What is your favourite Maxi Zoo memory:

Making me famous with a Maxi Zoo Tik Tok video.


  • Have you any pets? If so what breed and name:

Where do I start. I have two dogs called Ollie & May-Z, three cats called Uno, Max & Winnie, and four Chicks called Kevin, Caitlyn, Kylie and Kendal. I call the three female chicks the ‘Henners’.


  • Tell us the funniest thing your pet(s) does:

Ollie likes to go down the slide.


  • How does your pet(s) make you laugh:

When the dogs take a bath they like to try and swim


  • Did you adopt any of your pets:

No, although Max and Winnie just showed up at the front door one day, liked what they saw and never left.