Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing – that’s all your puppy wants. So the first thing you need is a water bowl and a food bowl. For large dogs, there are height-adjustable feeding stations that grow with the dog and ensure good feeding posture. Read on to find out what else you need to get to ensure that your new family member wants for nothing.

On the leash, ready – off you go for puppy day-to-day life

In addition to a leash and treats, a harness is good for protecting the puppy’s neck. And of course: your growing dog still has a lot to learn in order to cope with his still unfamiliar environment and daily routine. It’s best to store his reward snacks in a treat tin. In it, the snacks stay fresh and are protected from air and light.

To be a responsible pet owner you need a dog license, you also need to clean up after your pet when they relieve themselves so poop bags should also be included in the starter kit.

Toys and a place to sleep belong in the puppy’s starter kit.

Toys for the puppy stimulate its senses plus they can be used for cuddling or nibbling fun. Of course, everything must be puppy-friendly, like the special chewing bones for puppies that care for and clean the pointed little teeth. Dogs should never be left alone with toys and bones. Like all babies, puppies need plenty of sleep. After a wild run around and time exploring new toys, the puppy will need a lie down. A soft dog bed in a quiet place is essential.

Think about the puppy’s safety and insurance when you plan his first trip.

Even on his first trip, the puppy’s safety is paramount! He is well protected in a car transport box that is secured in the car. At Maxi Zoo you will also find car safety equipment and partition grids to keep your curious pet from climbing into the driver’s area. Dogs can become a danger if they are thrown through the car during emergency braking or if they run uncontrollably across the road and cause an accident. You should take out dog insurance with sufficient cover for damage caused by or to your dog.

Puppy wellness: essential health and care products

Puppies love physical contact and enjoy it when you stroke their fur and keep it clean with a soft brush. These touches are very important to create a strong bond. If the brush is not enough to clean your pet, there are gentle dog shampoos that you can use to wash him carefully. Especially in summer, you should protect your young dog from fleas and ticks, as his defences are not yet the strongest. There are special flea and tick remedies for puppies that repel the attacks of the parasites.

Starter kit for your puppy:

– Food bowl (height adjustable for large breeds).

– Water bowl

– Puppy food, chewing bones for puppies, treats, treat tin, treat bag for on the go

– Car transport box/ car grid/ safety belt

– Dog bed/box/dog cushion

– Leash, collar, harness

– Dog toy

– Brush

– Flea and tick repellent for puppies

– Extra gentle dog shampoo

– Dog training

– Pet insurance

– Dog licence

– Poo bags

If a new pet has joined your family you need to be perfectly equipped from the start to ensure they can settle in to their new life easily.

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