Stay Dog Safe – The Golden Rules 

We all love dogs and know them to be great pets but it’s important to keep some ground rules in mind:

  • Never approach, touch, or rub a strange dog, even if it looks friendly
  • Never approach a dog that is not on a lead or with its  owner
  • Always ask the dog’s owner if you can pet their dog!


What to do If a loose dog is coming toward you:

  1. If you have something in your hands, drop it.
  2. Stand still like a tree! Standing straight with feet together, fists under the neck and elbows into the chest.
  3. Do not look at the dog – pretend he is not there
  4. Be as quite as a mouse and don’t say a word.
  5. If the dog knocks you to the ground, act like a log!  If knocked down: face down, legs together, curled into a ball with fists covering the back of the neck and forearms over the ears, don’t move till the dog has walked away


Other Important things to remember:

  • If you make sure to do the above, the dog will get bored and walk away
  • Dogs like to chase!  If you run away from a dog that is running after you, he will chase you.


So be safe and enjoy your time with dogs even more.