Staying cool when it’s brutally hot

What do animals do in the wild when they’ve had enough of summer temperatures? They look for a cool, shaded spot to rest out and stop energy sapping activities. But pets in cages or in the car have no chance of protecting themselves against overheating and the sometimes deadly consequences, they are dependent on their owner handling them in a responsible manner. Which means paying particular attention in summer, explain the vets from Maxi Zoo.

Cats like to feel the sun falling on their fur and, apart from that they aren’t overly fussy about drinking more in the summer. You don’t have much chance of influencing this. When cats get too warm, they’ll search out a shaded spot by themselves, and they also like lying on cool floors. But make sure your velvet pawed friend can always find a shady nook on the balcony.

Watch out for animals in the car! Again and again life threatening situations arise for animals which are left in the car. Even a few minutes can already be too much. Many pet owners underestimate this. High temperatures are quickly reached in car interiors. Then the animals suffer not only from the heat but also from a lack of fluid which can lead to heat stroke and cardio vascular failure. So avoid leaving your animal in the car! If you really have to, then make sure you’ve parked in a place which is in the shade for the whole time you’re away. Provide air by fitting a window grill, just leaving the window a open a crack is not enough.


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