Suburban oasis: the garden pond habitat

A pond in your own garden depicts an oasis of rest and recuperation. This garden design highlight looks beautiful and is at the same time a beneficial biotope for human and animal alike. The garden pond is a habitat for fish, frogs and other creatures and provides flora of a very special kind.

Preformed liners, available in many shapes and sizes, can be used for constructing a garden pond or you can also use pond membrane foil for the lining. When selecting a site you should, where possible, choose a position close to taller plants. The pond should be at least 80 centimetres deep (120 is even better) if you want to enliven it with fish.


Goldfish are the garden pond classic. They are easy to spot due to their glittering scales, easy to look after, robust and undemanding. Goldfish are just the right thing for beginners and will proliferate strongly. And, most importantly, this fish hardly ever rummages around. There are many different breeds and variations. As well as the frugal tench, which can be really trusting, bitterling and minnows are also frequently seen in garden ponds. Golden orfe and koi are less suited to small ponds. Both fish look great and are a true marvel of nature. However, they can become very big and need a lot of free space to be able to develop accordingly.

Caring for your pond

Through time, yet more creatures such as frogs and dragonflies will appear at your garden pond – these benefit the biotope a great deal, keep it clean and guard it against the strong growth of algae. They feed on midges and other insects. In order for the garden to develop into a natural biotope and create a habitat for many animals and micro life forms, pond plants are needed as these regulate the biotope and provide the water with oxygen. The choice of plants which can be grown in and around the pond is enormous. Water lilies, pickerel weed, watercress or various kinds of irises are always a wonderful eye-catcher. But be careful that the number of plants is in reasonable relation to the size of the pond and that they don’t become over-exuberant.

If creating a garden pond is enjoyable then it’s a real pleasure experiencing how flora and fauna, with the right care and attention, develop their full splendour –- the suburban oasis will become a true wildlife habitat.


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