It is actually nicest at home

Holidays mean recuperation from everyday life: many people enjoy spending their time out in familiar surroundings. That also applies in particular to owners of pets such as dogs and cats. Our four-legged friends do not need holidays – so they are all the more pleased to get more attention and to experience more variety. The experts from Maxi Zoo provide some suggestions for leisure time activities with animals.

Be active together with your dog

What is nicer than to take time out of everyday life with your four-legged friend? Whether as a team of two or with the whole family: that gives a lift to body and soul and boosts the wellbeing of all involved.

Extended walks

Why not plan longer, one to two hour walks along new routes. Take the whole family or friends, who also have dogs, along. To start with, give your dog a few moments to sniff around and to do its business. Afterwards give your dog some variety: play hide and seek, let your dog look for a member of the family or a toy. Let it fetch objects, balance on or jump over hurdles such as tree trunks. That strengthens the bond between human being and animal and also challenges the dog mentally.

Short hikes

What is to stop you from going on a half-day or full-day excursion with a picnic? If you prepare well this is relaxing fun in nature: obtain prior information about the suitability of the route for your four-legged friend and sections where climbing is required are unsuitable. It is very important to take enough drinking water for everybody, a bowl, the dog’s lead and if necessary some food. And above all, remember to take anti-tick protection!


Depending on your pet’s fitness, there is nothing to stop you from letting your dog run alongside your bike. So that it works, your dog should be able to obey commands, heel and be guided on the lead. Plan breaks to allow your dog to sniff around and rest. If you want to go cycling together regularly, you should check your dog’s paws. For a large amount of running on paved cycle paths or roads can chafe the paws, incidentally that also applies to long hikes. The best thing to do is to get your four-legged friend used to it slowly and let it run around on grass as much as possible.

Going swimming

Cool water attracts both dogs and humans. Some dogs can’t get enough of fetching balls from the water. Lakes, where animals are also permitted to swim, are ideal. Go at times when it is less busy, so that nobody feels inconvenienced.

Nordic walking

Here your four-legged friend loves to join in. Bear in mind that you need your sticks to prop yourself up and to train your muscles. In other words you have your hands full, which is why your dog should be well-trained and should react immediately when called. The following applies to all activities: avoid the midday heat and the blazing sun! Make sure that your dog always gets enough water to drink.
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