Summer delights for our four-legged friends

During the nicest weather, life often goes on outdoors… and our four-legged friends are in on the act. Whether it’s on the balcony, the terrace, garden or camping site – these accessories make for an unforgettable doggie summer, as the animal lovers at the Maxi Zoo know.

For play and sport

Most dogs are like water rats. A dog pool provides the necessary freshening-up in soaring temperatures! Really timid dogs find it easier getting into the cooling water with these. “Throw and fetch” toys which don’t sink and can be easily seen, e.g. nylon Frisbee or a lighthouse which sits upright in the water, will provide some real water action.

A bit of animation is welcome even in the height of summer – during the cooler hours of the evening. Frisbees are very popular outdoor toys, made from solid rubber, natural rubber, or cotton. There are all sorts of balls including look-alike footballs, to keep your canine’s spirits up. Those who want to do something in the way of keep-fit, mental and dexterity skills go for agility furniture such as sack tunnels or slalom poles. For the experienced, there are also agility sets with sundry training equipment.

For relaxing

A dog wouldn’t be a dog if he didn’t like lazing around, too. A dog tent or dog beach basket in a seaside style looks great makes a protective and peaceful spot.

Stylish en route

A dog with peaked cap? In fact, dog caps protect the eyes from the sun and reflect in the dark. A retractable lead that’s brightly coloured or in a Hawaiian design sets the summer mood. There are even coloured and striped dog-poop bags – owners like to be well equipped with these en route!
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