Bitter pills…

Does your pet have pills to swallow? The specialists at Maxi Zoo provide some tips on how best to administer medicines to cats and dogs.

  • Smear the tablets with meat paste, cheese, vitamin paste, butter or wrap them in sliced meat.
  • Alternatively: You can get tasty, elastic treats for pressing the pills into and chemists also sell empty gelatine capsules which you can fill yourself.
  • At a push: Pulverise the tablet, dissolve in water and squirt it slowly into the side of the mouth using a syringe. But do ask your vet beforehand whether it’s OK to break up or pulverise the tablets.
  • After taking tablets, make sure your pet drinks water, cat milk or something similar – ideally also using a syringe.

If none of that works and you have problems administering the medicine, talk to your vet. He or she can often help by giving the medication by injection where necessary.
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