Love them or hate them, tarantulas are becoming an increasingly popular pet, due to their ease of care, suitability for beginners and – depending on the species – temperament. These eight-legged creatures are about 20-23 million years old and are found all over the world, from Europe to America, and Africa to Asia.


Pet tarantulas have gotten more and more popular. They are a noiseless creature and many are quite docile. These pet spiders require very little space and are easy to care for and feed. You can find tarantulas widely available at pet stores, reptile shows, and online breeders and dealers. They can be handled, but they are not a pet you should handle due to the possibility of injuring the spider. If you want a unique and interesting pet, a tarantula would be a fine choice.

The Chilean rose or Mexican fire-leg tarantulas make ideal pets for the beginner tarantula owner. They are hardy and quite docile too; enough to allow handling. While tarantulas have venom to stun or kill their prey, it is too weak for humans – no one has ever died from a tarantula bite! But be careful – a bite can still hurt, like a bee sting! Females can live more than 20 years, and some species can get as large as a dinner plate. Even people who think of tarantulas as the stuff of nightmares have to admit that they are a fascinating critter!

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