The pet experts at Maxi Zoo – Ireland’s largest pet store chain – have released a list of the Top 10 selling Christmas toys for pets based on the spending patterns of Irish pet owners at its seventeen stores nationwide.


Brain training intelligence toys to teach cats and dogs new tricks, scratching boards that protect household furniture from pets who like to scratch and chew things, snuggle and comfort toys are among this year’s biggest sellers.

“Irish pet parents are really spoiling their pets this Christmas. Brain training intelligence toys are flying off the shelves this year and comfort toys are also in big demand,” said Alice Cross, Executive Director of Maxi Zoo.


“Our biggest seller is the Kong Wobbler brain training intelligence toy. It is great for teaching dogs to slow down while eating, which helps to reduce pet obesity. You load it with your pet’s favourite treats and they learn how to roll it around to dispense the treats,” said Alice.


“Our Cat Scratching Board is popular with cat owners. It is shaped like a block of cheese with a board that cats love to scratch. Pet owners who have had their furniture destroyed by scratching cats also consider the €16.99 cost as a great investment in protecting their furniture,” she added.


“We have a range of similar toys for dogs who like to chew things and the big seller is a steak shaped toy. These become comfort toys for dogs just like children have their ‘security blanket’. The steak toy is a huger seller and something of a festive tradition,” Alice continued.


Cat owners are also demanding toys that enable them to engage with their pet by pampering to the animals natural instinct to hunt. Maxi Zoo’s Mouse Cat Toy is a popular favourite and their pet experts are not surprised to find it occupying third spot on the list.


“Pet owners are going out of their way to make sure their pets are warm and comfortable too. New cat and dog beds are on a lot of Santa lists, especially for those pet owners who know the problems that can arise from leaving older pets to sleep on cold floor surfaces at this time of year,” said Alice.


Families with young children and pets are also snapping up dog and cat treat Advent calendars.


“Everyone loves to indulge at Christmas but chocolates can be toxic for cats and dogs. The Advent calendars allow pet owners to spoil their pet safely with a new treat every day and to enjoy the traditional countdown to Christmas,” said Alice.


Top 10 Christmas Toys for Irish Pets


  1. The Kong Wobbler
  2. Cat Scratching Board
  3. Mouse Shaped Cat Toy
  4. Plush Steak Shaped Dog Toy
  5. Cat Treat Advent Calendar
  6. Dog Treat Advent Calendar
  7. Paws Dog Bed
  8. Dog Collar and Leashes
  9.  2 in 1 Dog Bowl
  10.  Soft and Cozy Pearl Cat Bed