On Thursday 25th February Maxi Zoo Ireland will hold a day long event of giving back to local animal shelters called Trade in Thursday.

“Trade In” event will enable pet owners to support their local shelter by donating their old used dog bed to help the needy animals in care.

In return for this Maxi Zoo will offer every donating customer 30% off a new bed for their Dog.

Trade in Thursday at Maxi Zoo

This initiative is fully funded by Maxi Zoo Ireland who believe that all pets deserve the best in life regardless of their current or past circumstances, and this is a great way for the pet owners of Ireland to support the animals currently in care and give them some comfort while they sleep.

Dogs spend approx. 60% of their time off their feet so a warm and comfortable bed is a must for them , this can help them stave off cold and any possible heath problems that will occur due to sleeping on cold hard floors.

Want to participate in Trade in Thursday?  Call in to your local Maxi Zoo on the 25th of February and speak to a Pet Expert!