training tips

Motivation and patience are important

Just remember that it’s never too late! You can indeed teach an old dog new tricks and even correct past mistakes. Always work with positive reinforcements and reward your dog’s good behaviour with praise, a treat or a game. Proper motivation is very important when training your dog. Only those who like to learn, really learn well. Remember that patience is important. An older dog requires more attention than a puppy, but it’s definitely worth it. And anyone who tries to put themselves in their dog’s place will learn to understand why their four-legged friend reacts the way it does and work out how to get rid of bad habits. Barking might actually be a sign of fear and not necessarily aggression, even if brought about by an approaching dog of the same breed.

Ask the experts for advice

Anyone who’s uncertain can visit an obedience school and take professional advice, even with an older dog. Meeting other dogs or walking on a loose leash can be practiced and advanced to perfection. It’s often helpful to have an expert review a difficult situation in order to find the right solution. Results can often be achieved quite quickly and continuing to practice at home is definitely an option. Alternatively, a dog trainer who visits you at home to assess your dog’s predicament “on-site” often has the advantage of gaining a better insight.

Clear communication is crucial

Most dogs don’t really know what we humans want from them and consequently don’t react to our signals and commands. We tend to talk far too much with our dogs. If you try to reason with your dog, it won’t really understand. So use single words, which your four-legged friend has been trained to understand. And communicate using as much body language as possible. Dogs do that too and they respond to it well. Try to learn to understand your dog’s body language and “read” your pet. Not only will you have fewer misunderstandings, but your training sessions will be more effective as well. Do this and your good resolutions are sure to succeed!