If you’re planning a trip with your pet…

Even for cats, who would rather stay at home, the journey should be as pleasant as possible. The animal lovers from Maxi Zoo suggest a travelling tips.

Into the box you go…

Cats, for which there are lighter transport “cabins“, can sometimes even travel up front. Make sure your box is well ventilated and big enough. Your pet should be able to stand upright and turn around inside it. If you’re flying, find out in advance from your flight operator how the transport box is to be provided.

Coping with hunger and thirst

Travel sets are practical on a trip – these don’t take up much space, are easy to clean and you have all the essentials at your fingertips. Small travel sets can contain a feeding and drinking bowl which, for example, fold together or are separated from each other by a zip fastener. There are bigger sets, some of which have a food pocket or incorporate a blanket, comb, treats and playthings. Play mats are practical for the cat, these can be folded up and have integrated scratching surfaces. For long car journeys, there is also a bowl which can be fixed to the floor and in which the water doesn’t slop over the sides.

For your health

If you don’t want to give up grooming entirely whilst on holiday, you can kit yourself out with an instant shampoo spray. This cleans and makes for a pleasant fragrance. Before going on holiday, you should treat your pet with the necessary means against parasites or dangerous bacterial infections. Above all, when travelling in Europe, preventative measures against ticks, midges and heart worms make a lot of sense. Get some advice on this from your vet. Tick tweezers, bandaging materials, scissors, wound disinfectant and medicines for diarrhoea, vomiting and eye inflammation have earned their place in the medical travel bag. It’s best to talk first to your vet about this.