Travelling with your pet

Lots of people are booking staycations this year, so when you’re packing your luggage make sure to pack your pets essentials too.

Holiday checklist

Remember your pooch’s medicine

You should ask your vet about a travelling medical bag. It makes a lot of sense to get a small kit made up for the holiday trip containing an ointment for cuts, flea treatments and a small set of gauze bandages, sterile dressings and adhesive plasters. In this handy-bag, also pack a robust pair of tick pliers.

Don’t forget Fido’s food!  You need pet food, treats and possibly something to chew if it’s what Fido’s used to. Ensure you bring enough dog food for the duration of your trip. Always better to take too much than too little. Don’t forget the bowls and a water bottle so you can also refresh your dog with drinking water during the long car journey.

Collar, harness, lead(s)

Whatever you normally use at home, must also go in the travel bag. Make sure your pet has a tag and their microchip details are up to date.

Beds and toys

If your dog sleeps in a “security blanket” or has a favourite bed, then bring it with you.  He’ll feel at home straight away, even in a strange environment. Bring his favourite toy too.  A squeaky ball, an aqua toy or that good old cuddly toy that Fido likes to drag around with him at home – offer it to him on holiday, as well.

The following items belong in your luggage:

The number of your dog’s liability insurance policy

Collar and lead

An address mark (usually attached to the collar) with home address and holiday address

Water and food bowls

Enough food for every day

Treats and chewy bones

Toothbrush and toothpaste if required

Brush, comb

Tin opener, food fork or spoon (for wet food)

A well-known (favourite) toy

A dog basket or blanket

Hand towels for drying or cooling off

Poop bags, shovel or paper

If you are travelling with the car, remember to take enough water in a canister, a thermos flask or a water bottle! Keep the water bowl within reaching distance.

To be taken in your medicine case:

Diahorrea tablets

Disinfectant for wounds

Eye and ear drops

Tick pliers

Tablets for travel sickness if required

Sufficient quantities of medication which is regularly administered; note down the ingredients and their quantities in order to be able to buy more if needed

Staycations with pets – the best options for your animal

Camping with a dog is a great holiday option.  Large open spaces and plenty of opportunities to explore are perfect for dogs.

Our top tips for camping with your dog:

Preparation is key, choose a destination that suits your dog’s needs.

Long car journeys mean stress for most dogs. You should take a break every two to three hours anyway and make sure your dog gets some exercise.

When choosing your destination, look for lots of walking paths and a dog friendly campsite.

Where does the dog sleep when camping?  Caravan, tent, camper van – whichever mobile home you choose, your dog needs a fixed place to sleep so that he knows where to retreat to.  Pack a basket, cushion or blanket that your dog is familiar with.  Don’t let your furry friend sleep alone in front of the tent or camper at night. He could bark during the night and wake other guests or go off exploring.

Camping with a dog – what you need in your luggage

To make your dog feel at home on site, pack the following equipment:

Pillow, blanket or basket

Feeding and drinking bowl

Collar, chest harness, leash

Enough food and snacks

Dog poo bags


Holidays with cats – feline friendly holiday homes

What is behind the concept of holiday homes for pets?

Cat owners who want to go on holiday often face organisational problems. Unlike dogs, which obediently accompany their humans everywhere, cats are usually anything but fond of changes in their environment or their daily routine. If the care of the cat cannot be delegated to family members or neighbours, the only option is to organize a cat sitter.

If this isn’t an option renting a pet friendly holiday home might be an option.  Accommodation that has pet safety features like window locks, balcony nets and enclosed gardens are ones to look out for.

What should be in the cat’s luggage?

To make the stay in the holiday home pleasant for your furry friend, pack her essentials.

Litter tray and cat litter: It is true that litter trays are usually available in holiday accommodation that has adapted to purring guests. Since your own litter tray is an intimate place for cats, it is worth taking it with you. Litter is not usually provided; anyway, it is advantageous to carry the familiar “brand” with you.

Cat food: When it comes to food, there are only advantages to packing the usual wet or dry food as provisions. Of course, treats and bowls should not be missing either.

Pheromone relaxing products: Keeping these handy is practical in all situations in life that may involve stress factors.

Cat bed: Honestly, sleeping in your own bed is still the most comfortable. Many cats see it that way too. A basket or favourite cushion also has to come along.

Transport box for the journey

Now that you have the top travel tips for you and your pet, you can plan a perfect staycation.  Your local Maxi Zoo store is full of fantastic products to help you to prepare for your trip, call in today and our staff will be happy to help.  You can find your local store here.