Fish for beginners: Which fish for the aquarium novice?

If you place fish in an aquarium, you should consider from the start how large the fish you buy as babies will become. The bigger they become, the more space they take up – even fish need their territory. If too many are living together, the fish are stressed unnecessarily and this puts too much strain on the water.

When buying fish you should absolutely consult your shop how many fish are recommended for a particular tank size – less is often more for a functioning fish community with healthy animals. So-called rules of thumb concerning the number of fish per litre must be regarded with caution.

Popular starter fish: glowlight tetra

In addition, you are facing the decision whether or not you want offspring. The popular, colourful glowlight tetra like neon and silver-tipped tetra populate many beginner’s tanks, however, are difficult to breed. On the other hand, it is easy to combine various types of these peaceful swarm fish which originally came from central and South America. The colourful, lively swimmers bring fun to every aquarium.

Nature created the different glow light tetra types so colourful to promote the coherence of each swarm and to make the individual almost disappear in the swarm – as protection from predators. The peaceful glow light tetra get on well with catfish which plough through the ground to find food scraps and simultaneously provide good aeration of the earth. Brown bullheads and oto cats can be added which clean the glass and plants. The classic bristle-nose catfish needs a lot of green fodder, otherwise it eats the plants. Useful algae killers are also apple snails, algae eating shrimps and dwarf armoured catfish.

Easy to breed: guppies

Those who like offspring chose well with live birthing fish like guppies, mollies or platys. As they are very eager to breed experts give the advice to use more females than males, otherwise the females are chased around without interruption. The glowing fish with the impressive back fin are an eye catcher in every aquarium. Those who want to breed have to separate the babies from the mother and rear them in an extra tank.

If you like, you can keep live birthing fish like guppies, mollies and platys together with glow light tetra in a common aquarium. You should take care when creating fish communities that the species are mainly from the same continent and a similar landscape. It is best to ask in your pet shop what the requirements of each fish species are also in terms of water temperature and living environment. Some prefer caves, others hide behind certain plants.

You should provide regular water care like changing the water in any case. This is important for all fish.

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