What hamster fans should know

Those who take on a golden or teddy hamster have to learn new thinking. These children of the desert are quite different to other pets in many respects.

Individual care is better than keeping animals in pairs
You’re not being mean to your hamster if you condemn it to single life. Hamsters in the wild only meet for seconds to mate before they immediately are ready to fight again and put as many meters as possible between them.

The life of a hamster is short
Hamsters in the wild normally live a year maximum, then they die as real old men of old age. They can double their life expectancy with optimum human care before the “drained” heart finally fails.

Outdoor life is dangerous
Even if we want to give our hamsters as much room to move as possible, the outdoor life is much too risky. The little flight animals hide in a hatch with every fright and even fit through the smallest gap in case of emergency. Many hamsters ended their lives pitifully in a gap in the tiles, a drain pipe or behind fitted furniture. The outdoor risk means that you should spoil your hamster in your own home. Give them a richly structured enclosure with sleeping and storage huts, roots and branches for climbing, a rope to swing from, several levels to play on with a small digging corner, clay pipes and cork caves as hiding spots.

Hamsters wake up at night
You cannot re-train your hamster to become a daytime pet. Their genetic programming wakes them up at dusk when they become active. They are on tour all night long and run up to five kilometres and only when it becomes dawn, they scurry back to their sleeping hut. Waking them up during the day causes them to react with biting and increased susceptibility to illness.

Hamsters have bad sight
As nocturnal flight animals, hamsters rely on their senses of taste, hearing and smell. They can’t see well close up or at a distance and only perceive shapes. While they are not that easily frightened at night, they are sensitive to acoustical disturbances during the day. Radio and television sets therefore should not be close to the hamster enclosure.


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