What kittens want

Four-legged additions to the family should have everything they need when they arrive at their new home. But what does their new family need to provide so that puppies and kittens feel comfortable and secure? The experts from Maxi Zoo know.

Good breeders usually give a baby cat their first gear for when they arrive at their new residence – such as a cushion, toy, favourite treat or food so that they are well provided for from the start. So that your newest member of the family feels at home and to enable the best possible care and development, you should think of the following things before bringing your new kitten home:


Cats like it soft and cosy and usually find their own bed, or several different places to sleep. We recommend you provide a small basket and cushions or blankets in a variety of cosy spots around the house.


A cat needs one extra bowl if their menu includes both fresh and dry food. Kitties can have access to the latter over the whole day. Drinking fountains are also recommended for cats, as this encourages them to drink more.

Litter tray

If your kitten has already been house-trained by their breeder, provide them with what they are used to, such as an enclosed litter box. You also need a shovel to remove faeces, as well as litter. This is available in clumping and non-clumping varieties, made from organic and mineral materials. Litter made of plant fibres can be disposed of in the compost and faeces in the toilet. Otherwise, used cat litter should go in the rubbish, never in the toilet.

Scratching post or board

Cats need something to sharpen their claws on. You should get a scratching post or, at the very least, a high scratching board so that furniture and wallpaper remains intact.

The collar should be cat size adjustable and lined if possible so that it doesn’t hurt your four-legged friend. A harness is also practical and prevents cats from slipping out. We recommend short nylon leads for walking. The lighter and softer the material, the better.


Toys should always be appropriate for your pet’s age. Avoid things that are small enough to be swallowed or objects that your kitten could chew into dangerous, small pieces. New feline parents should also invest in a guard for casement (tilting) windows and a balcony net if necessary.

Care Accessories
Now all you need is care accessories to look after your new pet’s coat: special brushes with soft bristles or a grooming glove. You should also get your pet used to a suitable transport box from a young age for the car and trips to the vet.