It is very important to ensure your cat drinks plenty of fluids throughout the summer. Unfortunately, many moggies are exceptionally lazy when it comes to drinking. Our tips will help you turn the wet elixir of life into a tasty treat for your pet.

Cats love the warmth and sunshine and revel in the increasing temperatures at this time of year. Despite their origins as desert animals, cats still need to be protected from the adverse effects of the heat. In summer, they need a place to cool down and should drink more than usual.

Unfortunately, however, our furry friends can be rather lazy when it comes to drinking. Older animals, in particular, are at risk from not drinking enough. As they become less active, they lose their sensation of thirst and many cats simply forget to drink. It is therefore particularly important for older cats to drink. In general, a cat has the following daily fluid requirements: 60-80 ml per kg of body weight, although outdoor and particularly active cats will need even more. If your animal doesn’t drink enough, this can lead to health issues such as urinary stones or kidney problems. But how can we make our cats drink more? Although you cannot force your pet to drink, you can outsmart and encourage her.

The right location

First you must get rid of any possible distractions and check the location of the water bowl. Experience shows that water should not be placed directly next to the food bowl or the litter tray. Most cats do not like this. Make sure your cat’s food and water bowls are in separate places. Ideally, she should have access to water in different places in your house or apartment so that she is regularly reminded to drink. Where possible, you should use different containers. Some cats won’t drink because they simply don’t like the water bowl. If your moggie won’t drink from her bowl but repeatedly laps up water from the watering can or aquarium, this may be why.


Some cats can be encouraged to drink using a cat fountain. The bubbles awaken their curiosity and their playful side. Many cats simply like drinking cool, running water. If you don’t have a cat fountain, why not try turning on the tap for your feline friend every now and then. Or, it may just be that your cat simply doesn’t like the taste. Cats have very sensitive taste buds and can react to the slightest of nuances. If your cat doesn’t want to drink tap water, try some diluted cat milk or still mineral water. To be on the safe side, you can also buy special water for cats in specialty stores.

Increase fluid intake via food

If your cat is still not drinking enough, you can also increase her fluid intake via her food. Cats that seldom drink should be given wet feed rather than dry feed. Wet feed is extremely moist and can help cover a cat’s fluid requirements to a certain extent. You can also add a couple of spoonfuls of water to the feed to further increase your cat’s fluid intake. Wet feed can be as “wet” as you choose. Simply give it a go and see what your cat will accept.

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