We love to hear from our fans and loyal customers on our facebook page, Maxi Zoo Ireland.

Maxi Zoo works closely with many charities across Ireland, and we know that there are countless animals looking for their forever homes.  We encourage our customers to donate food, and products for these pets.  Along with this, Maxi Zoo hosts partner charities in our stores, where they can fundraise for much needed donations from kind hearted customers.

In December 2014 we asked our fans to share their adoption stories.  Kate O Brien’s story was so lovely that we felt we had to share it on our website!

‘I have a story about 3 dogs. First and foremost: I’m afraid of dogs as I was attacked by one as a child and spent over 6 months in treatment. Over 25 years later I’m still freezing when dog approaches me.
One evening we were in Athlone when we spotted group of young boys from a known background who carried a little pup to the river. Long story short we were coming home with a puppy. We called her Olive. She was the best, THE BEST, dog I could ever wish for. Gentle, smart, I didn’t have to speak to her. I pointed out with my finger and she just knew. She became ill and had to be put down. Our hearts were broken.
Few months later I was coming home at night driving beside the bog. There was a van in the front of me. It slowed down, door opened and…a dog flew on the road. I stopped my car. It was a collie, so skinny and weak he couldn’t get up. With heart in my mouth from fear I opened the boot and gently lifted him to it. We took great care of him and found him a brilliant home few months later, when he was strong and happy.
No more dogs! I said. 
 On 26th of October 2012 we read about the dog in Dunboyne pound. His time was up. On the 28th he was in our house. Groomed, fed, fast asleep by the fire.
He’s with us for good. Along with our rescue cat.’


Well done Kate, for helping out so many animals in need!

Have you donated food or other goods for local Animal Rescues in your closest Maxi Zoo?  If you need help or advice, one of our friendly Pet Experts will be happy to help.