The top five ornamental birds

Budgerigars, cockatiels, rosy-faced lovebirds, zebra finches and canaries are the most popular of all ornamental birds. We’ll tell you what makes them so special.


Budgerigars are very intelligent and are quite linguistically talented. They stay playful and inquisitive to a ripe old age and, with enough dedication, can become hand tame. However, they need more than just human companionship; as flock birds they need to live with at least one member of the same species or, better still, a whole budgie family.

Zebra finches Although they don’t form strong bonds with people, these lively birds are great fun to observe. These exotics prefer to live as pairs or in a flock. Be sure to get two male finches if you don’t want any baby birds. Zebra finches might be small but they have a great need for physical exercise. As a result, it is better to house them in a small aviary than in a cage.


Cockatiels will captivate you with their carefree, happy nature. Win their confidence and they will quickly develop a close relationship with their human family. They love to play and like having their feathers stroked. The small Australian parrot comes in a range of colours. Along with the classic wild type, there are Pearled, Lutino, Pied, Whitefaced and Cinnamon varieties, as well as a combination of these individual types. Important: cockatiels should also be kept in groups of at least two.


With their sunshine yellow feathers and beautiful voices, canaries> create a good mood in the house. They are extraordinarily sociable birds and are only happy when they can live together with several of their own species. Canaries are also very active and extremely inquisitive.


More and more people are choosing these small, colourful parrots for their homes. Rosy-faced lovebirds, one of the sub-species, are particularly popular. These birds form strong bonds with their partners but also like to live with other couples in a group. As a result, owners require plenty of space for their birds. Incidentally, lovebirds will never become as tame as budgerigars and cockatiels, but they do show the full range of their natural behaviour, even when living with people.

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