Oh, how cosy… comfy cat houses for Moggie

Winter time is snuggle-down time. When it’s stormy and snowing outside, that’s the time to make things really comfortable. Our feline friends in particular will often only grudgingly agree to go outside. That’s because cats aren’t terribly partial to the cold and damp. If you’re away during the day and don’t have a cat flap by which means the little tiger can get into the warm, you should provide a warm den for outside, a cat house. These are also great for using as an indoor hideout.

Cat houses

It can be pretty uncomfortable for a cat if its owner is at the office or out again in the evening and it can’t get into the house. While country cats can toss down in a barn where they can snuggle down in the hay, town tigers have a harder time of it. This is why you should make provisions. Offer your pet a cat house. Position this in the most wind-protected place possible, ideally near the door to the house or in the garage. Pad it out with a warm pet blanket then your cat will be better able to bridge the time until you’re back.

By the way, did you know…?

Cat houses are also fantastic for inside! That’s because moggies are true cave dwellers. You may have seen it quite often: when in danger and there’s no chance of running, they will duck away. And when they sleep, then preferably well protected in a warm hideout. You’ll be spoilt for choice between multitudes of these “dens” in your Maxi Zoo store: there are scratching posts with integrated “caves”, cat igloos, small towers with places to sleep and even cosy beds. The materials are also quite diverse. The range covers everything from rattan to banana leaf to fabric hideouts. Whatever takes moggie’s fancy is available.


If you want to find out whether your cat would appreciate a comfortable, secret hidey-hole at all then in the meantime you could provide moggie with a washing basket and a blanket spread over it. Or you could make an opening in a big carton. If your pet can’t be tempted back out of it, great! Then you can invest in a more sophisticated version. And another final tip for the cold winter days: when you’re lying on the couch, just let moggie huddle under the blanket! In the end, having a cuddle together still beats everything else, so this could become your furry little friend’s favourite den!

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