Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

The Yorkshire Terrier is a toy dog with terrier qualities. What most people don’t know is that a Yorkshire is not a dog that wants to laze about all day. Yorkshires are smart dogs that have a lot of energy and have a cute curious nature. They are independent little things that enjoy exploring.

The Look of a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs with long hair. They are small but they have a sturdy frame that is well-proportioned. They are confident little things that hold themselves in a proud manner. Yorkies have quite a flat head, but you may not notice it because they are covered in fur! They have a medium sized snout and V-shaped ears which point upwards. Yorkies have a slightly docked little tail. Their coats are long and straight and cover their bodies. Yorkies coats are usually a tanned colour.

What They Are Like to Live With

Yorkies are very easy to train and they have a great ability to remember tricks and commands. Yorkies are natural born competitors and are great at sports and agility training. They love to be the centre of attention and need to be involved with family activities to keep them happy and healthy. Yorkies are very cheery and energetic dogs and make perfect little house pets.

Even though they are small little things, Yorkies will assert themselves among others. Yorkies get up to all kinds of fun and mischief around the house. But don’t worry, their assertive nature isn’t aggressive, just confidence. Yorkies get along brilliantly with other pets and with children. They are very friendly and happy dogs, and rarely show signs of aggression. Yorkies love being a part of family life, so make sure to include the little guy. Yorkies are quite protective creatures, they will bark at strangers who come to the house relentlessly. These little guys make great guard dogs and are very territorial.

Things You Should Know

Yorkshire Terriers can live as long as 15 years, but only if you take proper care of them. Because of their small size, they can be troubled by a number of health problems including hip and due to their small stature, Yorkies are prone to joint issues, poor digestion, tooth decay and bone fractures. Yorkshire Terriers can get hurt quite easily. Take care when holding them or moving them about. It is also quite important to feed them solid foods regularly.

Yorkies get along very well with children and other pets. But keep an eye on them if they are playing with younger children who can be a little rough, Yorkies may lose their patience with the rougher kids. Yorkies can get a bit moody of they don’t get their way, some obedience training may help reign in this stubborn nature.
Like other small breeds, Yorkshire Terriers have a lot of confidence. Keep them on a leash during walks, so that they aren’t tempted to fight with much larger dogs.

They should be groomed regularly, including daily combing and brushing. The hair on their heads grows quite long, you should keep it trimmed, or you may have to tie it up in a bow.

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