Zebra Danio


The Zebra Danio is a very active and hardy little fish. It is easily distinguished by its horizontal stripes which gave the danio its name. Blue-purple stripes run from its gill to its tail, High-lighting the slim silver-gold body of this attractive fish.

The small size of the Zebra Danio, less than two and half inches, and serene nature, make them perfect to live with other fish in an aquarium. Both sexes have two pairs of barbels and the same stripes, but the females are usually a bit bigger and more full-bodied than the male fish.

Albino/golden, veil tailed, and long finned Zebra Danio varieties are all available, as well as the very popular leopard variety. The leopard variety is characterized by a generous spray of black spots over the whole body. Previously, the Leopard Danio was considered an entirely different species altogether. Recent studies have shown that it is merely a spotted variation of Danio Rerio. All Danios work best in schools, and they should never be kept alone. For the Danio, one is definitely a very lonely number.

Tank mates

Zebra Danios get along with nearly any tank fish; they are a serene and peaceful fish. But be careful, they may nip the fins of certain fish. Any fish with long flowing fins, such as angelfish and Guppies, are possible victims of the Zebra, who may be a little bored!


Zebras are mainly a surface dwelling fish, and these active fishies love moving water. Although they are considered cold-water fish, they will adapt to a wide range of water conditions. With the intervention of commercial breeding, the zebra has become less sturdy than species in the wild. If water temperatures are kept low they may be more vulnerable to diseases.

Zebras are very active fish and, despite their preference for the top of the aquarium, they will swim about the entire aquarium. They should be kept in an adequate sized tank with plenty room to swim, with diffuse lighting. Darker- coloured substrates will help high-light the beautiful colours in these fish, and keeps you tank looking natural.


Zebra Danios are omnivorous, and accept most foods. Although not fussy about what they eat, they enjoy small live or frozen inverts, and fresh vegetable matter.


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